Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest

Machars windfarm u-turn drama
Galloway Gazette - published 28.01.2015

A wind farm company made a dramatic u-turn on plans for a controversial development at Airriequhillart in the Machars this week.

Dropping all intention to develop the 18-turbine farm near Barrachan Village, EDF Energy Renewables claimed in a statement that the site was "no longer technically viable".

The company added that it had studied results from over two years of investigations in and around the site before coming to a decision.

EDF Energy Renewables Onshore Development Manager, Dennis Garry said: "Although we take the utmost care in our initial selection of our sites, we always carry out detailed and in depth studies looking at everything from the local ecology, landscape and wind resource and other environmental factors, before making a firm decision to apply for planning permission.

"In the case of the site at Airriequhillart, we have come to the conclusion that the site would not be viable from a technical point of view.

"We would like to extend our thanks to all those locally for their patience and for the feedback we received during our investigations."

When the company announced its interest in developing a wind farm on the site in 2012, locals in the area began a fierce campaign against the plans and called in political backing as well as launching a petition which amassed over 1000 signatures.

Andy Shiells and wife Angela, who own Barrachan Home Farm, were staunch protesters against the plans and fought tooth and nail to protect the beauty of their home.

Amid celebrations this week, Andy said: "I am delighted to hear the news that EDF have pulled out of the wind farm proposal at Airriequhillart. The last two years have been a hard fight. We have made enemies but more importantly we have made many friends within the anti turbine community and our own community. I am grateful to everyone who has supported us including our MSP s Chic Brodie, Aileen McLeod, Alex Fergusson and MP Russell Brown. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you. My thoughts are with our friends at Save Wigtown Bay. It will be a hard fight but you can win.

"We would also like to thank all of those who have offered their help and support. And a special thank you to the thousand or more so people who have signed our petition. They have really helped us sustain our opposition. I trust they will also support those opposed to the equally bizarre California Park project."

MSP Alex Fergusson welcomed the news, adding: "I have always maintained that there are good sites and bad sites for these developments, but I have never been in any doubt that Airriequhillart was a perfect example of a very bad site."

Sincere best wishes to all who signed our petition.
Angela and I have been attending a Scottish Government seminar over this weekend (Feb 21/22) to make as many anti-turbine points as we can. We took advantage of a discussion on how to petition the Government to present ours. It rather took them aback -- but we included a covering letter saying that while Airriequhillart was "in respite," lots of other places were not and the general wording of the petition covered the wider picture of the Scottish Government's stupidity over so-called wind-power. It was accepted by an MSP and the Clerk of the Petitions committee. It may now end up attached to the signatures of similar, overall, petition; but we've made the point. They've promised to keep us informed.
We still have a few clipboards to recover, but the final figure will be more than 1000. And this website has had well over a quarter of a million hits. Let's hope none of them will ever sign up with EDF! Meanwhile we are putting pressure on EDF to remove their test masts. They're planning runs out shortly. If they can't find a contractor to remove them, I've told them we"ll be more than happy to dispose of them!!!!!
Thanks again. Andy and Angela.

EDF Energy are planning a Wind Farm - which we will call an INDUSTRIAL TURBINE SITE (ITS) near the picturesque village of Barrachan (near Port William) in the South West of Scotland. They want to stick up 18 turbines standing at 136.5 metres each. To see the actual scale of the Turbines CLICK HERE Opens in new window

The site is close to farms and a village and will have a huge negative impact on the area, residents, farm animals and wildlife.

"Our countryside is one of the most precious things we have in Britain and I am proud to represent a rural constituency. I would never sanction something that might ruin our landscapes and our scenery." - David Cameron.
At last the penny seems to have dropped. Despite pushing through endless useless Industrial Turbine projects the Conservatives have suddenly come to their senses - or perhaps they just realised just how many millions of votes they were losing. They've declared that they will not support any further land-based turbine projects after the next election. Why wait until then? If Turbines are useless now, they'll be even more of a liability in a few year's time! Our children and grandchildren will wonder what the hell we were doing as they watch the sunsets through a jagged skyline of scrap metal and carbon fibre while heating their homes from shale and modern nuclear power.

Surely the massive investment announced for Grangemouth to cope with the huge amounts of shale gas in Scotland screams out for a gas-fired future. Shale gas has decimated electricity and other energy costs in America. Have you seen the fall in oil prices? That's because America has been able to cut it's imports -- all down to shale. No doubt wee Nicola, following the lead of her equally dumb predecessor, will try to block shale gas extraction on the same kind of misguided delusion that convinced her that the majority of Scots would be daft enough to vote "yes". But the States have shown us the future. And a shale gas site is almost invisible, compared to a string of massive, useless (unless you're a foreign speculator simply sucking up the subsidies) Industrial Turbines.


An important piece about Wind Turbine Syndrome on STV news 8th November 2017

Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest PETITION
Please show us your support by adding your name to our petition!

Click the picture, a new page will open then follow the links to the petition.

A United Nations tribunal has said Britain is acting illegally by denying public having their say over the menace of Wind Turbines. Full story on our Latest News Page.

My house dropped 100,000 in value because of wind farm: Artist's fury after council approves 400ft turbines 500 yards from converted farmhouse.
Full Story:

Take a look at the link below. Then forward it to -- or send a protest to -- your political representatives. Please consider joining a protest group. Without your support NOW they might get away with it.

Data released by one of the largest green energy companies shows wind farms producing enough electricity only to boil two to three kettles at a time. At one stage recently three big wind farms even took electricity out of the National Grid to run basic power supplies on site rather than actually supplying electricity to households. Such a phenomenon is known in the industry as "parasitic consumption". And we always thought "parasitic consumption" was the subsidy millions sucked up by the bloated speculators and their land-owning lackeys.

We don't think our Canadian Cousins will agree. Just read their web-site:
New Website: The Human Face of Wind Turbines

A Nimby? No, I'm fighting to save the Britain I love: TV star GRIFF RHYS JONES on his crusade to stop wind farms and solar panels wrecking his favourite landscapes
By GRIFF RHYS JONES - Daily Mail - 31 July 2013


The following link should be made compulsory reading for Salmond and his Tartan Turbine Taliban. It's a detailed report by Professor Myles Allen, Head of Oxford University's Geosystems Science and head of the university's Climate Research Network. He is, apparently, an expert highly regarded by the green fanatics themselves. His message is clear. When it comes Global Warming wind turbines are a complete and expensive waste of space. His intervention comes as the EU is reported to be rapidly shedding the green agenda. Instead they're urging that we follow America's lead by turning to shale gas -- which the UK has in abundance -- and slashing the stupid, unaffordable, subsidies being shovelled out by the billions to greedy speculators. Speculators who are fully aware that their turbines cannot possibly match their exaggerated claims. Please hit the link and read on. You know it makes sense:

A family whose lives were made a misery by a neighbour's noisy wind turbine have become the first in Scotland to get a court order to shut it down. Aileen Jackson, 54, was left powerless when her neighbour built a 64ft turbine only 300 yards from her house. It kept her family awake every night, producing the noise of a 'small helicopter' and leaving them exhausted. Her son had to give up university because of lack of sleep. The farmer, who was selling the energy to the national Grid, refused to switch the machine off. So Mrs Jackson became the first person in Scotland to fight a turbine in the courts with the legal fees covered by her home insurance. The farmer, from the Renfrewshire village of Uplawmoor, did not contest the noise abatement order and backed down. This week, a permanent court order was made to prevent him turning on the turbine again. Campaigners hope the case will set a precedent for householders whose lives are blighted by turbines.
Well done Aileen for showing us it can be done!

Salmond's daft green energy obsession has cost taxpayers more than £13-billion over the past three years -- and has created a mere 10,000 jobs according to the latest figures. That's more than £1-million per job. Some bargain -- especially when you then have to account for the cost of jobs being lost in the tourist industry by the desecration of our landscape. The figures come from The UK's Energy and Climate Change Department. The Westminster Government may have woken up to the waste and is already capping onshore Industrial Turbine Sites -- and not before time, turning instead to nuclear. Nuclear, by the way, is the main production method used by EDF, who only produce one-per-cent of it's power by wind. But, even so, they still seem determined to destroy the Airriequhillart valley in order to grab the massive subsidies for France, regardless of how feeble the actual power output will be. SAS has called Salmond's "strategy" madness and unaffordable; while the MEP Struan Stevenson pointed out that the components for the turbines already littering the countryside are mostly built abroad, thus failing to produce factory jobs for the UK. But some people still don't get it. This from Ed Davey, the Energy Minister: "The commitment to a vision of a low carbon future is building up a 'bow wave' of new jobs and investment in the economy." Can someone remind this clown that the Titanic had a pretty big bow wave too!

And, speaking of Titanic scale disasters, it's estimated that Scotland would lose hundreds of millions of pounds in green energy subsidies if it became independent. Westminster has said it's unlikely they would continue to pay the subsidies. That would mean massive increases in energy bills for Scottish families. Figures show that around 37 per-cent of the support -- some £530-million a year goes to Scottish projects; but only 9-per-cent of electricity sales come from Scotland. That would mean that the subsidy costs would have to be shared by five-million Scots, as opposed to 60-million consumers across the UK at present.

Source: Sunday Telegraph.

Lawyers for Donald Trump have launched an all-out challenge at the Scottish Supreme Court against 'Mad Alex' and his plan to wreck the view, peace and tranquillity of his new golf resort with an off-shore Turbine abomination. Mad Alex is what Mr Trump has now dubbed his dear old chum Salmond. Mr Trump says Wee Eck's obsession with turning Scotland into the Saudi Arabia of 'renewables' is a disgrace. As Mr Trump put's it: "Wind farms are not only hideous, they kill birds and sea mammals, they destroy housing values, they are a danger to our health and tranquillity and it is an absolute scam to claim that they save energy". Who are we to disagree.............

We take our protest to the heart of Europe.
Struan Stevenson, MEP with our posters in the European Parliament, Brussels.

MEP Struan Stevenson's Book "So Much Wind - The Myth Of Green Energy":

Struan's article has hit a nerve with our friendly anti-turbine campainers worldwide. For instance, take a look at the coverage it's been getting in Australia. We're all Bravehearts now!!!!!

The chief executive of EDF Energy whinges that he will leave Britain if the French company's Hinkley Point reactor project collapses. Vincent de Rivaz, staked his "credibility" on getting the plan off the ground. However, his plans are receding, with EDF Energy and the Government in a stand-off over the massive level of subsidies demanded by EDF to be funded, of course, by levies on consumers' bills. Let's hope our politicians wake up to reality and take a similar line over the stunning amount of subsidies EDF expects Scotland to hand over to EDF and it's land-owning lackeys for destroying the Airriequhillart valley. EDF? We'd be happy to donate one-way tickets for the lot of them!

In a report for the Scottish government, consultants Sinclair Knight Merz reckon "£35bn will need to be spent if Alex Salmond's ambitious target of 100 per cent renewable energy is to be achieved by 2020". Keep buying the Lotto tickets Eck!!!

A wind turbine near Salmond's home has been blown down by gales. Three blades were scattered in a field near Hatton, Aberdeenshire, after the 90ft turbine collapsed. The turbine is one of two installed despite concerns about radar interference at Aberdeen Airport. Local residents always said the turbines were dangerous. Can anyone think of a way to entice Salmond to make regular close-up inspections of his whirling junk????

A dentist in Ontario is refusing to treat councillors, or anyone else, connected with the approval of a Turbine Site near his home town. (Other professionals in the Machars, please take note!) He certainly lacks imagination. Wouldn't it have been far more effective if he'd told them how p'd-off he is once he'd got them in the chair with their mouths wide open????

AN ABSOLUTELY MUST-BUY FOR EVERYONE. Struan Stevenson, MEP, has published his latest, brilliant, book on the wind turbine disaster. It's called SO MUCH WIND -- THE MYTH OF GREEN ENERGY. It's published by Birlin of Edinburgh. It's nicely written in a clear style. It is packed with facts and some some grim realities which should make even the shameless Salmond and his shower of lackeys squirm. Some chance!!! It will become the protester's bible over the coming years.

Please look at Struan's new video on the fallacy of wind power. It is also available on Youtube if you want to share it on other websites:

Please see the authentic tourist page for Salmond's new Turbine Rich Scotland. Log on to:


For a full report on what amounts to 'legal robbery' go to the latest news page.

OUR WEBSITE FIGURES: As at 24th August the website has had 204,655 visitors - 1,819 in the previous seven days. They can't all be down to EDF, can they?

We also warmly welcome those who have signed our petition recently, both on-line and the hundreds who have signed the paper petition sheets. It's been a great response for such a rural area. Thanks too to those rocking away to our anti-turbine single. The message to EDF is quite clear:
You are not welcome here. Push (polite version) off and have a go at Shale Gas. The new tax benefits are amazing! Possibly even a better hand-out than the wind subsidy rip-off you are so desperately in to, despite all your Euro-billions.

Welcome to our web-site, especially if you have logged on after seeing our latest leaflet. You may be wondering why -- with five massive Industrial Turbine Sites planned, or already being built in the Machars -- we ask how many more? That's simple.

Firstly, most operators who get through planning, almost immediately ask to extend the number of turbines, often before the original ones are built. Then, just look around you. The Machars is a rare and wonderful part of the UK, pretty unspoilt and with a small population. The developers don't see it like that. They see easy pickings.

To them, our landscape represents massive ££££££ signs. Too many local short-sighted councillors are turning out to be pushovers. Despite Council planning officers being opposed to the latest approved project up by the Three Lochs, this disaster was nodded through by the single vote of the chair of the planning committee -- and he's supposed to be a Conservative!!!!

What a gift to the greedy developers and what an inspiration for them to bang in more and more proposals to fill their foreign coffers at our expense.

At the moment, we're in the same boat as the poor folk of Straiton -- under the shadow and flicker of five massive, useless, sites, soon to be made obsolete by the coming of shale gas generation and EDF's plans for small regional nuclear plants, just like the 58 they run in France.

America, and several other countries have demonstrated that wind-power is already obsolete. Don't let our short-sighted politicians and officials let the wind farmers rob us of our heritage, property values, tourist income and our well-being. Act now. Join us. Sign our petition on this site. Save the Machars!

We had a surprise visit to Whithorn by Christian Egal the Chief Executive Officer of EDF Renewables.
For a full account press the Latest News button at the top of the page


We are calling for all householders to sack energy suppliers involved in the spread of Wind Turbine Sites -- in particular EDF.

The Chief Executive of EDF Renewables turned up in Dumfries and Galloway recently.

He tried to convince a room packed with business people, most of whom make their living from tourism, that:

1. Industrial Turbine Sites do not affect tourism in any way. In fact they even attract tourists.
2. Industrial Turbine Sites have absolutely no effect on property prices, even if they are dumped in a field next to those properties.
3. There is absolutely no case for compensating those whose homes and businesses are blighted by even the prospect of a neighbouring Turbine Site, despite compensation schemes in other countries.
4. Industrial Turbine sites make about as much noise and vibration as a washing machine.
5. Industrial Turbine Sites have absolutely no ill effects on health, despite the growing, detailed, evidence surrounding Wind Turbine Syndrome.

In short, they are treating the audience and the people of South-West Scotland with complete and utter contempt. How thick do they think we are? Do they really believe their own propaganda? No way.

Or, as it seems, do they think we are just dim-witted country bumpkins to be trodden over in their race to grab the billions being doled out to them before the reality of these useless monuments to Salmond's stupidity hits the fan?

What gives a foreign company, which runs virtually no windmills in it's native France, the right to march into Scotland, destroy a stunning lowland valley, and cart the proceeds back to France, leaving the lives of the local residents shattered -- some with a lifetime of savings invested in a home which is now unsaleable.


And here's another good reason: EDF made 801 million pounds profit in Britain last year. It's bills soared four times the level of inflation -- up by nearly 11 per-cent. The profit figure represents 220 a year for each of the unfortunate 3.7 million homes billed by this French firm. Despite these massive profits they have given an absolute "NON" to the possibility of even a penny's compensation for those faced with losing many thousands of pounds as a direct result of their Turbine Activities. Read it in their own words by pressing our Latest News button.

We are asking around at the moment to establish which energy companies fit the bill. Watch this space.

In the meantime you should avoid the following who are involved in ruining our countryside and people's lives. These include: EDF; E-ON; n-Power; Scottish Power.

Source: Sunday Telegraph.
Copyright: MATT.

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Source: Daily Telegraph.
Copyright: MATT.


Lets take a duff technology, blow billions on it,
Grab the money from taxpayers and household bills,
Drive up fuel poverty.
Ignore the carbon footprint of extensive foreign turbine manufacturing,
Create toxic lakes mining the rare metals required,
Fail to count the cost of the thousands of tons of steel and concrete ,
Fail to count the cost of world-wide transportation,
Ignore the lethal gases used in the hydraulics systems,
Gases that slowly leak from the turbines over time.
Dig up the best bits of the countryside,
Fill it with tons of concrete to anchor the steel,
Build mostly using materials which can't be recycled,
Create broken turbine-blade mountains, or just bury the mistakes away in hidden landfill sites.
Surround towns and villages with giant steel towers, to destroy tourism and interfere with TV signals.
Emit massive waves of ultra-sound on a permanent basis, without having bothered to research the impact on people,
Watch to see if the health of those susceptible to ultra-sound deteriorates.
Chase away the wildlife, batter the bats, chop up the birds, disrupt migratory routes,
Create visual disaster areas, along with unbearable noise and shadow flicker,
Reduce our quality of life. Destroy the value of our property.
Pay billions in subsidies to big, mainly foreign businesses, PR companies, lawyers, agents etc, etc,
Overall, submit to a lunatic "politically correct" agenda.

Against all that stands the lonely voice of the ordinary Scot trying to see through all the spin.

Please support Scotland Against Spin.


STOP PRESS: The UK Government, in a response to a petition calling for a halt to Industrial Turbine Sites in Norfolk, has declared it's ambitions about renewables. It said, quite clearly, that it's target for 2020 was FIFTEEN PER CENT. Compare that to the surreal claims by Salmond and his Turbine Twits of 100 per-cent. We all know it can't be done. But Salmond and his gang are determined to destroy Scotland trying. He has to be stopped.

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