Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest

What You Can Do To Help...

I know we are all very busy but it will only take a few moments to help.

Do you think that one day in the future you may pass this way, see the wind farm and say "that's a shame, it really ruins this area"? Then it will be too late. We must do something now to stop this happening.
Stopping this now will also help stop more wind farms in the future, one of which may be near where you live.

Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest PETITION
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On Saturday 20th October 2012 we released a Protest Song at the
The song has been recorded to help us raise funds for the Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest and to help raise awareness
about the increasing Wind Turbine problem in Scotland.
"I.T.S A Protest Song" was commissioned from and written and performed by
the Bob Bradbury Band (

The song comes on CD & costs
3.00 per copy plus p&p

The price includes a contibution to help support the Airriequhillart Wind Farm Protest.

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We're getting great support from our MEP, Struan Stevenson. He says it's vital that each individual writes directly to EDF with even just a brief letter of complaint. You don't need to go into details -- just oppose it. You do not need to pull any punches either!! EDF's address is:
Christian Egal
Chief Executive Officer
EDF Energy Renewables
52 Grosvenor Gardens

Here's a draft letter which you may want to simply copy and paste, or download the Word Document. You can use it how it is or adapt to you own particular feelings or circumstances. Please support us in this, even if you don't live in the immediate area. Every letter is a nail in their coffin. Thanks in anticipation.

RIGHT CLICK HERE and select SAVE TARGET AS.... to download the Word Document or you can copy and paste the following:

Re: Airriequhillart Industrial Turbine Site.


This is a letter of protest about your plan to site Industrial Turbines between Barrachan Village and Airriequhillart. Your turbines are neither needed, nor wanted, here.

You talk a lot about consultation with "stakeholders" yet you managed to maintain secrecy around this project for well over a year. You have not earned the respect, or trust, of the people around here.

Some of your proposed turbines are far too close to people's homes, both along the Mochrum Road, Barrachan Village and the A705.

You, as a French company, know that the recommended minimum in France is 1.5 kilometres. In the UK it is 2 kilometres and, in more civilised countries, 10 kilometres is being proposed.

There are far too many Industrial Turbine Sites in Dumfries and Galloway already -- and their imposition is a political one. The UK's target by 2020 is 15% renewables. Scotland's deluded leader, Salmond, is determined to prove everybody wrong by attempting to impose an unachievable 100%.

You claim you can achieve 54MW. As you know, energy is measured by the hour. The chances of your 18-turbines, working full out, for an hour at the maximum achievable output of 80 to 85% is virtually nil. The more normal output is 25 to 30%.

All the approach roads are on "Machars Cycle Routes". Totally inappropriate for the kind of material you want to transport.

Another concern is the threat to our TV, Radio and Mobile Phone reception. Putting 18 great industrial turbines a few hundred yards away from homes is likely to wipe out our right to access these facilities.

Yours sincerely,

Please let us know that you support us or if you want to help please email us at We can keep you informed and work together to bring the plans to a stop.

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If you run an anti-wind farm website and would like to join us and link to our website please contact us at

You can also help by writing to EDF Engery directly with your complaint. Their contact details are:
EDF Energy Renewables
Endeavour House
Victory Way
Doxford Business Park
Tyne and Wear